Series Europa 80 A, 160 A, 320 A


Including the versions 80 A, 160 A, 320 A, this range is in accordance with the current Norms DIN VDE 0623-589, defining unified distances between centres and representing the evolution of the previous DIN Norms.
The series includes 2 versions:

  • Shock resistant housing – suitable for all applications requiring high resistance against shocks;
  • Acid- proof polymer housing – suitable for applications needing elevated resistance against acid.

The improved version 320A is also available for the cabling of a 95mmq dimeter cable, feature that allows to further enlarge the range of use of the products on different applications.

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  • Interchangeable and in compliance

    with DIN VDE 0623-589

  • Contacts made of pure electrolytic copper

  • Air Tech System

    for air passage

  • Coding pins

    3 different types

  • Auxiliary Contacts

    Up to 4 auxiliary contacts