As an evolution of its own Code of Ethical Conduct written in 2009, Ravioli transposes the European Union EGS criteria voluntarily and drafts its first Sustainability Report, according to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals in the United Nations 2030 Agenda.


As ambassadors and supporters of Made in Italy, Italian excellences and high quality standards, committed and sensitive to the safeguard and enhancement of treasures all over Italy, Ravioli S.p.A. becomes Corporate Golden Donor of FAI – Fondo Ambiente Italiano – and it’s honoured to contribute to create a more valued Italy.


Following its vision and philosophy, as well as its constant sensitivity towards the Environment, Ravioli S.p.A. actively participates to EXPO Milan 2015, through an event in compliance with the exhibition main theme “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”, focused on the study and feasibility of the development of wind power energy in Africa.


Born, grown up and still operating in Milan, with a background of more than 80 years of activity, Ravioli S.p.A. is chosen, among others, to be part of the volume “Historical Companies of Milan”, a project thought and realised by the Circolo Filologico Milanese.


In compliance with the Company philosophy and according to its internal Code of Ethical Conduct drafted in 2009, Ravioli introduces its Project “Green E-Motion”. Result of the combination between cutting-edge technology and sustainable beliefs, Green E-Motion is based on the study, design and manufacture of products specifically dedicated to the development of solar and wind power energies, as well as to the increase of use of electrical vehicles. Ravioli S.p.A. becomes a member of EWEA Association and joins the project “Confindustria per la Sostenibilità”.


Ravioli S.p.A. is awarded by the Italian Chamber of Commerce with the prestigious “Premio Milano Produttiva”: a special prize highlighting the Company’s high productivity and economic solidity.

The 1990s

Ravioli S.p.A. is one of the first italian companies to gain ISO 9001. Such remarkable goal is the tangible demonstration of the management deep predisposition towards Quality as a rule.
CSQ ravioli spot

The 1980s

Keeping up with the constantly innovative needs coming from the two main application fields in which Ravioli S.p.A. operates, the Company starts manufacturing Europe DIN Connectors and D.C. Contactors for industrial electric traction, and safety Radio Remote Controls for industrial lifting.


The Company name changes once more to become Ravioli S.p.a.

The 1940s

In 1949, run by Alessandro and Gianfranco Ravioli, sons of Umberto, the Company name is changed into Ravioli F.lli. The range of product is enlarged, especially thanks to the introduction of new limit switches, electrical resistors, push pendant stations and electric panels for the lifting industry. Thanks to such products, Ravioli F.lli contributes frontline to the reconstruction of our Country after the II World War.



Founded in Milan by Umberto Ravioli, Elettromeccanica starts its activity as manufacturer of electromechanical devices.