Qualità dal 1926

Born in 1926, after more than 90 years of successful activity, Ravioli S.p.A. is a brilliant, dynamic and worldwide renowned manufacturer of mechanical and electromechanical devices for industry. Founded and based in Milan, Northern Italy, Ravioli S.p.A. is very well known all over the world, thanks to the development of a solid and reliable network of dealers and partners, started more than 30 years ago. Designing, projecting, testing and assembling in-house all the products, Ravioli maintains the production strongly rooted in the territory, guaranteeing the high quality standards of Made in Italy, accordance to EU Norms and Directives, user-friendly design, customer care and technical assistance as well as innovative and updated solutions for each product.


The productive processes, from ideation, design and realisation of the product, to quality controls, tests and final approval are all strongly integrated to one another, in order to let all the teams and divisions perfectly cooperate, be informed at any time of the different steps in the production and work efficiently and correctly lined. The Company is constantly improving and enriching its range of products, studying the best solutions to each and every industrial application. Aware of the cultural and technological differences among the numerous markets in which Ravioli operates worldwide, the Company studies everyday specific approaches and solutions suitable for each Country, in the full respect of Norms, Directives and requirements of end-users in each market. The satisfaction of the customer and the flexibility to provide customised solutions are key factors of the success of the Milanese Company.

All the products are manufactured in-house in the productive site of the Company’s Headquarter in Milan and, according to its strong commitment to respect the environment, to make the world a better place to live in and to protect the artistic and cultural beauties and the treasures of Italy, Ravioli is today one of the 200 Corporate Golden Donors of FAI – Fondo Ambiente Italiano – to contribute to and support their daily activities of safeguard and enhancement of Italy. Ravioli is also member of Confindustria for Sustainability.

Ravioli believes in a better world, from long lasting traditions, towards the challenge of innovation in the future.

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