D.C. Contactors TECNO Series


Particularly compact and resistant, the D.C. contactors series Tecno are suitable for handling machinery using direct current and for industrial electrical vehicles like lift trucks, cleaning machines, nautical applications, trucks and other electrical machinery for road and rail transport.
They have also found application in some innovative field recently, like in the renewable energy systems, being used in converters or in electrical motorbikes, as well as aerial platforms.
Ranging from 80 A to 180 A, Tecno D.C. contactors can be supplied with different coil voltages and coil duties, according to the application they have to be used for.
Tecno D.C. contactors are protected and provided with brackets already mounted for the assembling.
Motor reversers which also include electrical connections are available.

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  • Heavy duty

    Suitable for heavy duty

  • Power supported

    up to 180 A

  • High protection

    Contacts are hold in a protective housing