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Thanks to reduced dimensions yet a remarkable power, Logo D.C. contractors are used in electrical vehicles and D.C. handling machinery.
Contacts are in silver alloy and double breaking, particularly suitable for heavy duties. They can also be manufactured with special knurling which allows to transmit signal currents.
The housing is made of a specifically studied material and it is supplied either open in case you need blow out or closed to have a higher protection of the contacts. Coils are available from 12 Vdc to 110 Vdc, they can be supplied for intermittent, prolonged and continuous duties; they can also be provided with diodes.
Latching versions are available to reduce coil consumption.

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  • Magnets

    for arc blow out

  • Available coils

    from 12 Vdc to 110 Vdc

  • Auxiliary contacts

    available upon request

  • Different brackets

    for fastening

  • Ability to support power

    up to 350 A