Rotary limit Switches series FCN


Rotary limit switches series FCN can contain both the group of microswitches and an optional angular potentiometer.
Available in 4 different profiles, the cams can be calibrated linearly and micro-metrically.
The switches can be supplied either positive-opening 1NC or snap 1NO 1NC, also with progressive positive-opening.
All FCN limit switches can be customised upon request.

The Ravioli KST absolute single turn sensor is now available upon request. Thanks to its capability in valuing and recording a value for each position in the 360° rotation, this sensor is your perfect ally in applications in industrial opening systems, such as speedy-doors, folding-doors, gates, sectional doors and automation devices by and large.

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  • Cam calibration

    through a rapid and precise clutch system

  • Potentiometers or sensors

    Available to be mounted together with cams

  • Many optional accessories

    Available upon request

  • Ratios

    Wide range of ratios available