Slip Rings

Rotating electrical joints or slip rings are mechatronic devices combining two main elements: a mobile central section fitted with rings (rotor) and a fixed external part with brushes (stator).

To better understand what electric rotary joints are for, one should bear in mind that slip rings enable the continuous transmission of main or auxiliary power along with special electrical signals as well from a rotating device to a fixed one over 360 ° full circle rotary motion angle.

To flexibly suit different applications, slip rings are supplied with optional devices, such as encoders and sensors suitable for position control and custom-made wiring to ensure the best possible coupling to the machine. Connections are also possible with fluid or pneumatic joints allowing oil, water or air inflow.

Designed and developed by Ravioli S.p.A. for more than 40 years, our rotary joints find widespread applications in different industrial sectors, such as on construction equipments, such as cranes, mobile cranes, truck cranes; industrial or entertainment carousels, rotating packaging, labeling and filling machines as well as new applications in green energy such as wind generators or water treatment plants.

Since this is an extremely technical product, please refer to the product catalogs or request further information by e-mail.