“We are proud to co-operate with a reliable, earnest and innovative partner such as Ravioli, able to assist us with customised solutions, which have been designed and manufactured exclusively for our products for more than 20 years”

PFB is a renowned international leader in the production of components for lifts.
Our products are exported all over the world, guaranteeing to all our customers that they represent the highest level of quality and are totally Made in Italy.
Our latest arrival: the new LX bidirectional overspeed governor.

Ravioli S.p.A.
The partnership between Ravioli S.p.A. and PFB is the perfect proof of how Ravioli Project works: an integrated system in which highly qualified technicians, in-depth studies and cutting-edge bespoke products are combined in order to create peculiar solutions together with our clients.
The result is the creation of a new innovative Limit Switch and a safety D.C. Contactor specifically designed and manufactured to perfectly answer the needs of PFB, providing them with unique, 100% tailor-made and Made in Italy solution.

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