Interpreting the main theme of EXPO Milano 2015 “Feed the Planet, Energy for Life”, Ravioli S.p.A. had the great pleasure to be protagonist of one of the events promoted by Lions International during the six months of EXPO. The contribution of our Company was well actualized with our participation to the Event “Lions International: Safeguard of Environment and Energy Saving Activities”, focusing on the importance of wind energy sustainability in developing Countries.

We had the privilege of the precious co-operation of Professor Alberto Zasso from the Mechanics Dept of Politecnico in Milan, Professor of Dynamics of Mechanical Systems and expert in Wind and Wind Power Engineering, who joined our President Giorgio Daidone on the stage during the event. Ravioli S.p.A. was honored to contribute to the conference with a study regarding social and economical aspects of the use of low cost wind energy in some African Countries and the importance of choosing wind energy in such countries, compared to other renewable energies.

The commitment of our Company regarding such themes started years ago and it’s the result of our Code of Ethic Behavior and of our sensitivity towards environment, which is also well interpreted in our project Green E-Motion. We were proud to have the chance to put into effect these beliefs and values with our participation at EXPO Milan 2015.

In the wake of such important experience and of the themes suggested by EXPO 2015, we will be constantly committed to research and development of devices supporting renewable energies, to the sustainability of our choices and to the full respect of our high standard Made in Italy, in terms of experience, know-how and quality.

Proud to be part and parcel of this extraordinary event, we say goodbye to EXPO Milan 2015, we treasure this unrepeatable experience, all the people we met along the way, all the precious networks we created, together with the intrinsic meaning of this unique exposition and we go ahead towards the challenges of the next future.

Ravioli believe in a better tomorrow.